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Thursday, September 3, 2009, ( 13 views ) - Treatment - Posted by Emily

Over the past couple of days, Newton hasn't seemed like himself. His energy level is down and he doesn't seem to want to eat any of his food. He is starting to worry me a bit.

My friend, Tracy, is moving to New Mexico. To help send her off, Laura and I decided that we wanted to make her a picture collage of all of the fun times that we have had. Since alcohol would most likely be involved as we talk about all of the fun times we had, Laura decided that she would stay the night.

Laura has Chloe, a English Mastiff, that she got through rescue. Laura, Chloe, Newton, and I all started going to the dog park each weekend when Newton was 6 months old. Since most of Chloe's childhood was spend in an airline crate, she really didn't have a puppyhood. Newton was bound and determined to change all of that and would do his best to try to get her to play with him. After 6 months, he finally wore her down and she started to play with him. Newton was full of energy and having the time of his life. I'm glad that he has such a special friend to hang out with.

Sunday, August 30, 2009, ( 12 views ) - Treatment - Posted by Emily

In the middle of the night, Newton started barking and barking like a mad man and I couldn't figure out why. So, I get out of bed and walk downstairs. Newton is jumping around, barking, and then picks something up. At that moment, I realized what it was and let out a huge scream.

Newton decided to make himself a new friend...if you can call it that.

Newton's friend, the snake

Of course, I instantly think that it is a baby rattlesnake and start to freak out. I make Newton go to his crate and fetch my boyfriend, Scott. He catches the snake in a small container. I was happy to see that it wasn't a rattlesnake, but I wasn't sure what type of snake it was. Gotta love google. Thanks heavens, it was a harmless snake. of course, since I spent a good chunk of the night looking at snake pictures, I ended up having snake-related nightmares.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009, ( 12 views ) - Treatment - Posted by Emily

The weather in Colorado has been quite unusual...lots and lots of rain. Today, Newton and I were hanging out at my boyfriend, Scott's, house. Parker got nailed by a crazy bad hail storm.

hail storm

Newton is a huge fan of snow and of any type of ball. He was in heaven. I let him out and he started running around like a mad man trying to catch the hail in his mouth and then eating it. Of course, the cold makes him puke so there was vomit all over the yard. Silly Newton.

Sunday, August 2, 2009, ( 12 views ) - Treatment - Posted by Emily

It was one year ago today that Newton started limping. My brother, Scott, was in town visiting. Little did I know that I was going to be in for a journey of a lifetime.

I'm so proud of my puppy. There isn't a day that goes by when I am not amazed by him. He has taught me so much.

Friday, July 24, 2009, ( 14 views ) - Treatment - Posted by Emily

Today we headed up to CSU for Newton's 9 month post-amputation check-up. I can't believe how quickly time flies. His check-up included blood work and a chest x-ray.

Dr. Lana was the Oncologist that saw Newton today. She is also the Oncologist who is doing the Gene Therapy Trial. Newton got a clean bill of health. His blood work looked good and his chest x-rays are clear. I'm so excited. I think that Newton is going to beat this.

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