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Tuesday, December 1, 2009, ( 53 views ) - My thoughts - Posted by Emily

Today, I was up at Colorado State University with my friend, Laura, whose Mastiff, Chloe, was having some general procedures (teeth cleaning, etc.) done by CSU's community practice. While I was up there, I started to think a lot about Newton. I had CSU do an autopsy on Newton, but up to this point, didn't have the heart to read the autopsy report in great detail. Based on the details in the report and additional clarification from Newton's Oncologist, I found myself in a state of shock.

Newton's Osteosarcoma was in remission. There was no microscopic or gross evidence of Osteosarcoma present. What the autopsy did reveal was primary splenic Hemangiosarcoma with pulmonary metastasis. Leave it to Newton to be unique.

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