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Wednesday, October 22, 2008, ( 3 views ) - Treatment - Posted by Emily

Today was a really big day for me. Since I had such a fabulous 2nd quarter, I got invited to the Women's Success Forum in downtown Denver. When I woke up, Newton had some seepage coming from the "Y" portion of his incision. It didn't last long, so I wasn't too worried (it looks like some of the scab had pulled). However, I did want to check on him at lunch just to make sure that everything was okay.

When I got home from lunch, Newton was very excited to see me. There was no more seepage from the incision so all was looking good. To restrict Newton to the first floor, I have set up baby gates between the first floor and the basement and the first floor and the second floor. Typically I can just prop the baby gate against the railing and he doesn't try to go around it.

I'm guessing you can tell where this story is going. So I am up in my room getting ready to head back downtown for the final keynote speaker. All of a sudden I hear the jingle of Newton's tags and then hear him jump on my bed! I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Not only did he go around the baby gate (something he has never done...even when he had 4 legs), but now I was faced with the challenge of getting him back downstairs. My stairs are quite steep and we had 12 of them to conquer.

When I decided to amputate, I started looking into harnesses. Based on feedback from other Tripaw owners, I decided on the Ruffwear harness. I purchased mine from . I made my purchase from the site because purchases made from the site help support continuing efforts to raise awareness about canine cancer and amputation as a viable treatment option. Let me just say that I am so thankful that I made the purchase.

I put the harness on Newton and tried to get him to go down the stairs. Since I wasn't sure what to expect, I stood on the side with the banister. I needed some form of support. I could only get him to go down 2 stairs and then he would back up. As a last ditch effort before just leaving him in my room, I called my neighbor, Denise, to see if she could help. She said that she wasn't busy and was on her way over. I went downstairs to open the door so that she could let herself in. When I got back upstairs, Newton must have taken the open door as a "we are going for a walk" signal and started heading down the stairs. Halfway down, he got scared and wanted to turn around. The harness helped me get him moving again and we successfully made it down.

I was quite impressed with Newton's ability to get up the stairs by himself. Although I think the fear he faced going down the stairs has made him realize that going up the stairs may not be the best idea.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008, - Treatment - Posted by Emily

I am so proud of my boy. He did so well. His appetite has come back. I'm not sure if he trusts Stephanie more (in that she isn't hiding pills in his food) or if the pills were making him not feel so fabulous (since Monday was his last dosage). At any rate, not only is he eating his canned food, but he is eating kibble as well. Eating kibble?!?! Now that is something to party about! I am so happy that he did so well.

He is almost back to his old self. Once he starts playing with his stuffed animals, then I will know that he is getting really close.

Monday, October 20, 2008, - Treatment - Posted by Emily

I am quite nervous today, but I know that Newton is in good hands. I have to go to San Jose for a customer briefing. Although I will only be gone for less than 24 hours, it is still very tough on me.

I am lucky to have met Stephanie. She is awesome and Newton absolutely loves her. I also set up a wireless camera so that I could watch Newton while I was gone. His favorite thing to do is to lay on the sofa.

Sunday, October 19, 2008, - Treatment - Posted by Emily

Newton and I spent most of the day hanging out. I have to go to San Jose on Monday and was working on the presentation that I will be delivering. I called Stephanie, his petsitter, and she is cool with watching him. We are so lucky to have found such a wonderful person.

Newton is doing pretty well when it comes to navigating the stairs. He is also getting more adventurous when it comes to walking on the hardwood floors. He seems to be feeling much better.

Saturday, October 18, 2008, ( 1 view ) - Treatment - Posted by Emily

Not much exciting happened today. I am still having a hard time getting Newton to eat. He still loves his double cheeseburgers from McDonalds (which is least he is eating something) and he likes some of the canned food (Salmon seems to be his favorite). Although the canned food has to be plain. Once you add kibble to it, he no longer wants to eat it.

Our pill taking routine is working out well. I wish I would have thought of the water bottle sooner. He is such a sport. He is almost done with all of his meds which is a good thing.

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