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Thursday, August 7, 2008, ( 7 views ) - Diagnosis - Posted by Emily

Yesterday, August 6th, I had to fly to Orlando. When I travel, Stephanie (Newton's pet sitter) takes care of him. Newton loves it when Stephanie comes over. When I called for my daily check-in, Stephanie let me know that Newton didn't seem to be feeling himself. Normally, when she comes in, Newton runs over and starts jumping on her because he is so excited. This time around, he just laid on the sofa.

The weird thing about Newton's limp is that it seems to change from side to side and front to back. Over the past week, there were also days when the limp wasn't there at all.

I asked my breeder, Mary, and a few other folks that I know who have Mastiffs what they thought might be wrong. Since the limp has been changing legs, it sounded a lot like pano from a symptoms perspective. However, Newton is 3.5 years old.

Since Dr. Roberts was on vacation, I made an appointment with Dr. Eppard to have Newton looked at.

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