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Saturday, November 22, 2008, ( 6 views ) - Treatment - Posted by Emily

Newton is one lucky boy. For our carride for the day, we went to the bank and then went to McDonalds since he has been such a good boy. Last night, Lindsay and Tanner said that their daughter, Hailey adores Newton and she wants so bad for Newton to be her friend. Newton hasn't been the biggest fan of kids. Hailey did finally get the chance to pet him a few weeks after his amputation. He was very well behaved.

Armed with plain double cheeseburgers, Hailey and Lindsay came over to say hi to Newton. When they first got here, Newton was all about his attention barking. When he realized that Hailey had cheeseburgers, he was all about being her friend. Hailey was showered with drool love. After he finished his cheeseburgers he went outside and dug up his bone. Outside, he let Hailey hang out with him and she played fetch with his bone. The funniest part of the afternoon was when he grabbed the bone from Hailey and proceeded to bury it. We all got a good kick out of him pushing the rocks over the bone with his nose. Hailey was in heaven and we will have her come over a few times a week to say hi.

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