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Thursday, April 23, 2009, ( 13 views ) - Treatment - Posted by Emily

Today, we piled in the Jeep and headed up to Fort Collins for Newton's 3 month checkup at the CSU Animal Cancer Center. The ride up there was uneventful, although it felt that it took forever.

Newton had some blood work done and then had X-Rays to check to see if the cancer has spread. Woo hoo for Newton! The X-Rays came back clear. Newton was such a well behaved boy. I still swear that they must be spraying some sort of calming agents from the vents. When Mary (one of the Oncology nurses that we work with) brought Newton out, she asked if it would be okay if she gave my contact information out to others who found themselves having to face Osteosarcoma. I told her that I would be more than willing and gave her Newton's Web site address as well. She also asked if Newton would be interested in modeling for next year's LimbPreservation Foundation calendar. This is the same calendar that Dr. Roberts had showed me just days before.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009, ( 13 views ) - Treatment - Posted by Emily

Today was Newton's annual exam. He weighed 165 lbs. Newton use to not be the biggest fan of going to the vet's office. Now he does a great job. Dr. Roberts was quite impressed by how well Newton was doing. Newton got all of his shots updated and his Heartworm medication. Even his ears, which we have always struggled with (ear infections), were looking fabulous. I'm so proud of my boy. Dr. Roberts also thought that my Jeep Wrangler with a 3 inch lift was the perfect doggie mobile :-)

Dr. Roberts showed me a calendar that Dr. Withrow from the CSU Animal Cancer Center had sent him. It features dogs that have been treated up at the CSU Animal Cancer Center and kids who have worked with the LimbPreservation Foundation. There is some exciting news to share, but I won't give it away just yet.

Friday, April 3, 2009, ( 10 views ) - Treatment - Posted by Emily

Hooray for Newton. Today marks Newton's 6 month Ampiversary. I still can't believe what a journey it has been. Newton is stronger than ever and living a tail waggin' life. What more can a mom ask for?!?! I'm so glad that I decided to to pursue the gold standard (amputation followed by chemo) treatment.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009, ( 9 views ) - Treatment - Posted by Emily

I had to go to Newark, NJ for a couple of days for work. Normally, I have Stephanie watch Newton while I am gone. Scott, Abby, and Jack had indicated that they wanted to watch Newton the next time I went out of town.

Newton is no longer nervous around Abby and Jack. He still sees them as treat machines and is doing a good job of obeying their commands. They spent most of their day playing with Newton, taking him for walks and reading him bedtime stories. Although Newton got tired the first few walks, his endurance built up quickly. He looked forward to all of his adventures with Abby and Jack and was quite the tired pup by the end of the day. He did very well. I'm super proud of my boy.

Monday, February 23, 2009, ( 12 views ) - Treatment - Posted by Emily

I had to go to Southern California for work so Stephanie came over to take care of Newton. Stephanie has been petsitting Newton since he was 10 weeks old. When Stephanie and her family come to visit, Newton is one happy pup. I think that he sees them as his. I'm very fortunate that I have such a wonderful person to take care of Newton when I am gone.

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