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Wednesday, September 3, 2008, ( 10 views ) - Diagnosis - Posted by Emily

Today was Newton's follow up X-Rays. Since he has been being a good boy, Dr. Roberts decided that Newton could have the X-Rays done without sedation. Mary went with me to the appointment. I was a bit nervous going into the appointment because I knew that worse case scenario, the lesion could be bone cancer. As you can see in the second set of X-Rays, the area of concern had grown in size.

Newton's X-Ray 9/3

The Radiology report confirmed that the area had grown and that it hadn't spread to the chest.

Radiology Report - 9/3

Dr. Roberts' recommendation was to make an oncology consultation at CSU and have a bone scan done.

Monday, August 25, 2008, ( 58 views ) - Diagnosis - Posted by Emily

Today Newton had his first set of X-Rays. Newton's limp was getting worse. There were days when he was not himself. Then there were other days when he was full of Newton zest. Dr. Roberts sent the X-Rays up to a Radiologist at CSU for review. Here is the X-Ray of Newton's left leg.

Newton's X-Ray 8/25

The circled area is an area that has the Radiologist and Dr. Roberts concerned. Here is the Radiology report:

Radiology Report - 8/25

We decided to do a follow-up set of X-Rays and do a chest X-Ray as well.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008, ( 11 views ) - Diagnosis - Posted by Emily

Today we had our appointment with Dr. Eppard. Newton weighed in at 158 lbs. Dr. Eppard did a physical exam. Newton didn't have a fever. As she was doing the physical exam of his leg, Newton didn't flinch. Therefore, it was hard to see where he was hurting exactly.

Dr. Eppard's recommendation was to make a follow-up exam and have Dr. Roberts take some X-Rays. She also gave Newton Carprofen and Tramadol.

Our follow-up appointment was scheduled for August 25th.

Thursday, August 7, 2008, ( 7 views ) - Diagnosis - Posted by Emily

Yesterday, August 6th, I had to fly to Orlando. When I travel, Stephanie (Newton's pet sitter) takes care of him. Newton loves it when Stephanie comes over. When I called for my daily check-in, Stephanie let me know that Newton didn't seem to be feeling himself. Normally, when she comes in, Newton runs over and starts jumping on her because he is so excited. This time around, he just laid on the sofa.

The weird thing about Newton's limp is that it seems to change from side to side and front to back. Over the past week, there were also days when the limp wasn't there at all.

I asked my breeder, Mary, and a few other folks that I know who have Mastiffs what they thought might be wrong. Since the limp has been changing legs, it sounded a lot like pano from a symptoms perspective. However, Newton is 3.5 years old.

Since Dr. Roberts was on vacation, I made an appointment with Dr. Eppard to have Newton looked at.

Friday, August 1, 2008, ( 7 views ) - Diagnosis - Posted by Emily

Today, Newton started limping. My brother, Scott, was in town so I decided that I would take the day off. When I came downstairs, I noticed that Newton was limping. I hadn't heard him yelp so I am not sure when he hurt himself.

Scott and I went to lunch at Cucina Colore (yummy) and then went and saw Dark Knight.

When we got back from the movie, Newton was still limping. Since he has hurt himself in the past, I wasn't too concerned.

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