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Wednesday, October 8, 2008, - Treatment - Posted by Emily

Woo hoo...time to do the dance of joy. Newton is finally peeing on a regular basis. I never realized how exicted I would be. He is still a pain when it comes to taking his pain meds. He now will not eat: cheese, dinner rolls, pretzels, or Sausage McMuffin with Egg from McDonald's (his all time favorite). Newton has become a picky eater (I think that he suspects I have pills in all of his food) and doesn't seem to want to play with any of his toys.

Seepage has become his middle name. I have never done so much laundry a day in my life.

He did venture onto the couch today. I know how much he loves sleeping on the couch so I didn't make him get down. He has been through so much in such a short amount of time.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008, - Treatment - Posted by Emily

Argh, Newton is still only peeing twice a day. What is up with that?!?! All I can figure is that it must hurt him to go. I did discover that when he sits down and looks up it must pull on his staples because it is the only time that he will cry out in pain.

When I was taking his incision pictures, I noticed that there is a considerable more bruising. I sent Dr. Perry an email with a photo comparison of the incision site. Dr. Perry indicated that based on the amount of muscle that they had to take off with the leg, that amount of bruising would be expected.

Today we started using the heat pack several times a day verses the ice pack that we had been using over the weekend. After the first heat pack session, I noticed a tremendous amount of seepage coming from the "Y" portion of his incision. This had me concerned since we had not had any seepage all weekend. According to Dr. Perry, as long as it remains clear/red tinged and not malodorous, Newton should be fine. Newton has so much space where tissues were removed, that every time he lies down or moves, he is likely to stimulate more fluid production in the surgical site. When he lays on his side, the seepage just seems to stream from the "Y" portion of his incision. Since I work from home, I have been wiping the area dry and changing his t-shirt frequently.

Monday, October 6, 2008, ( 1 view ) - Treatment - Posted by Emily

Newton is still doing pretty well. He is eating better, but we are still having challenges getting those pills down. There has to be a better way. He is eating and pooping well. He still only pees twice a day. In researching the subject, it seems that this is not unusual. At least he is peeing once a day.

He is getting stronger each time he gets up to take a walk. He still needs help getting down the stairs in the backyard, but he doesn't want any help getting up the stairs.

I took another video so that you can see the progress that he is making. He is getting much steadier on his feet and more confident.

Sunday, October 5, 2008, - Treatment - Posted by Emily

Wow, I didn't realize how hard it was going to be to have a 3-legged dog. Don't get me wrong, Newton is doing very well, I just have to watch him like a hawk. Not only do I have floor coverings on the hardwood floors, I also had to put baby gates up so that he doesn't fall down the stairs into the basement.

He is pooping on a regular basis, but the peeing has gotten me worried. Today he only pee'd twice. The poor guy is no longer able to lift his leg :-( He likes to spend time sitting out in the backyard. He saw some kids and let them know that he was out there by barking. Yep, back to his normal Newton self.

My friend, Laura, and her dog, Chloe, stayed with Newton and myself. We had to separate the dogs because we were worried that Newton would try to play to hard and hurt himself and Chloe wasn't quite sure what to make of him. I kind of wondered if she knew that it was Newton. I don't think that she noticed that he was missing a leg. My guess is that he may have smelled a bit different.

Laura and I have finally gotten down a routine for changing his t-shirt. He doesn't seem to want to be a whole lot of help, but that is kind of to be expected.

Each day, I am going to post pictures of the incision site in Newton's photo gallery in "Newton's Bone Cancer Treatment" album. Newton hasn't tried to get at his incision, but he has been licking his remaining front paw. I'm guessing that they must have had an IV there.

He has started eating his food, but giving him his pain meds has been a challenge. He is on 1 chewable tablet of Deracoxib (100 MG) a day and 4 tablets of Tramadol (50 MG) three times a day. If I just try to put the pills at the back of his throat, he bites down on my hand and that hurts so I have been finding different foods to "hide" the pills in. Of course, once he gets keen to there being pills in those foods then he won't eat the foods anymore!

Friday, October 3, 2008, ( 1 view ) - Treatment - Posted by Emily

Mary and I got to pick Newton up around 2:30 pm. I figured that I wasn't going to get to pick him up until early evening so it was a pleasant treat that he was going so well. He hadn't gotten up to pee by himself yet, but he was able to get up and lay down and was hopping around pretty good.

I'm glad that Lisa had sent me pictures so that I was prepared for what I was going to see. Mary and I were sitting in the room when I could hear Newton hopping down the hallway. It was such a wonderful sound. He was doing so well although he got tired very quickly.

Here is a video

Once home, Newton was able to go up and down the stairs that lead to the backyard with assistance. He is not a big fan of the t-shirt, but it is something that he is going to have to get use to. He didn't want to eat anything. He did go poop within the first 3 hours of being home. He didn't pee until about 2 in the morning.

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